meguro girls bar|SALT

Limited price only now

I saw HP! In the first 30 minutes

All you can drink,

all you can sing at 980 yen!

For vacancy confirmation,

click the phone number!

Girls Bar  in  meguro

One minute on foot from Meguro Station.

"I want to go on a daily basis"

I have such a girls bar.

The name is "SALT".


Salt has been used as a care agent

from ancient times

It has been used.

Also, any dishes are salted

That taste will be decided.


People who visited us,

A shop that I think I will do my best

again from tomorrow,

And spices on those people's days

I would like to be like a shop added

I believe.


ALLTIME 30min 1,980yen

All you can drink beer, shochu, cocktail

of about 30 kinds

Newest Karaoke (LIVEDAM) All you can do


One drink system 30min 980yen

(All drinks 1,000 yen)


Service fee · TAX separately

OPEN 21: 00 ~ LAST (irregular holiday)

Available credit cards

For vacancy confirmation,

click the phone number!



Because it is near from Meguro Station,

I used to drink for a while on my way home.

Mr. TN, Employee, 32 years old


Once the girls bar is automatically extended

Since seeing painful,

I did not go,

I will call it properly,

I think the price is also very conscientious.

Mr. ST, Sales staff , 28 years old


There is no female clerk who can not talk.

Girls bar is like that.

Mr. ER, Self employed, 43 years old


If you go to Girls Bar in Meguro

I have decided here.

Mr. KY, corporate manager, 54 years old


I can also do karaoke, I enjoy talking,

The price is also cheap, no matter what.

I will go from now on.

Mr.IN, Dear doctor, 37 years old 


For vacancy confirmation,

click the phone number!